5 Benefits and Uses of CBD

CBD is starting to show up everywhere and has consumers wondering what all the hype is about. If you’re not sure how to use CBD or know exactly what the benefits are, read this closely. We are going to share our top 5 benefits of CBD.


#1 Naturally manage anxiety and stress.


Consistent use of CBD has been known to naturally help reduce your body’s stress levels and stress hormones. When CBD is ingested into your body, it instantly kicks in and starts flowing through your bloodstream helping you get to a comfortable state. CBD helps our body and brain access important chemicals we produce like serotonin and anandamide. The result is a life with less stress and more joy ultimately helping us feel better, naturally.


#2 Reduce Pain


The use of oils and topicals both provide a highly effective result that helps reduce pain. Our goal at HEMPd is to help encourage and promote people to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of CBD. CBD helps with recovery from exercise and participating in sports activities and natural pain that comes with age. In addition to general recovery, CBD is known to help with arthritis.


#3 Improve your sleep.


This is a big one. There is nothing worse than not getting a solid sleep. It affects our day to day performance and mood. Our full plant CBD drops promote more rest and deeper sleep by reducing chronic pain and anxiety along with other challenges that affect our sleep. CBD can even help with sleep disorders like insomnia.


#4 Heal without habit.


CBD is non-addictive so keeping your use consistent is perfectly fine for best results. In fact, the more you use CBD the better the results are. Our bodies don’t build up a tolerance to the compound.


#5 Achieve clarity not a high.


CBD is non psychoactive. This means it doesn’t affect your thought process or make you feel high. CBD contains no THC, which is the compound that makes you feel high and is found in marijuana. Rather than getting high, CBD heals and allows you to maintain full clarity and peace of mind.


DISCLAIMER: These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting any health program.


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