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CBD is removed and separate from certain strains of hemp plants. Chemically, it is just one of 85 chemical compounds referred to as ‘cannabinoids.’


CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety is something most people experience to some degree throughout their lives, and it has a different effect on everyone. Anxiety can ultimately get worse over time and interfere with daily activities like job performance and relationships.   There are basic coping mechanisms like meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercise, or[...]
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Not All Hemp Products are Created The Same

HEMPd is dedicated to provide you with the best CBD products possible. Our products are made from full-plant CBD, and our CBD is derived from plants that are organically grown in Colorado.   What is Full-Plant CBD?   Full-Plant hemp extract contains the entire hemp plant as well as the[...]
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5 Things to know about CBD

CBD continues to become more and more popular around the world. The benefits CBD provide to promote a healthy and active lifestyle continues to impress consumers. CBD processes through your body and can help with sleep, digestion, hormone regulation and cognition. We encourage you to try CBD for yourself and[...]
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How can CBD help with sleep and recovery?

For centuries, humans have experienced problems with sleep. Although scientists actively try to find solutions to diagnose things like insomnia, it is still a mystery. However, CBD may be a promising alternative to getting a better sleep and waking up fully rejuvenated.   What Causes Lack of Sleep?   Certain[...]