The Truth About CBD

By extracting pure CBD oil from hemp, there’s a number of ways to boost your overall health and well-being that also blend seamlessly into your everyday life.

Here, we’ll explore common facts and myths about CBD, and show you how beneficial it can be to your quality of life.

FACT: CBD is a Natural Substance

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound found within the hemp plant. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which is responsible for a range of functions, including:

• Cognitive processes
• Pain sensation
• Mood
• Memory
• Appetite
• Sleep

Our full-plant products contain all of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, including CBD, secondary cannabinoids, terpenoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Scientists have found that CBD works best when all of the plant’s components are present, just like in nature. There is a synergy between all the active ingredients that creates the most benefits for you.

Plus, while most CBD oil is imported, HEMPd only uses organically grown hemp from here in the U.S. Our products are all allergy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO, and our oil goes through our proprietary 15-step purification process, ensuring the highest quality and purity available.

To start your CBD journey, check out our Capsules. They’re an easy introduction to our product line.

MYTH: CBD Oil and Hemp Oil are the Same

Both CBD oil and hemp oil are growing in popularity these days, and while they are both derived from the hemp plant, they serve different purposes.

Hemp oil is derived from the plant’s seeds and is used in the following products:

• Protein supplements
• Cooking oil
• Wood varnish
• Soaps and lotions
• An alternative base for plastics
• Paints
• Bio-diesel fuel

CBD oil is made from the plant’s flowers, leaves, and stalks, and is typically further purified and used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including support for the following:

• Seizures
• Cancer treatments
• Inflammation and joint pain
• Pain management
• Anxiety
• Trouble sleeping

HEMPd harnesses the powers of CBD oil to give you overall health and wellness, as well as provide support in the face of certain medical conditions.

The Truth About CBD
The Truth About CBD

If you’re ready to find some all-natural relief, check out our Tinctures. They’re one of our most popular products, are easy to take and come in three great flavors.

FACT: CBD Contains Medical Properties

Many areas of the world are beginning to recognize the medical benefits of cannabinoids. Here in the U.S., CBD is legal in all 50 states. In the UK, the Medical Healthcare Regulatory Agency has recently decided to recognize CBD’s therapeutic benefits and reclassify it as medicine.

Not only does CBD have medicinal benefits, but it also has less adverse side effects than many traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs like Xanax or Zoloft can have damaging effects on the liver and other vital organs over time. For people who struggle with anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, CBD-based treatment plans can be a great long-form treatment, because usage does not negatively affect any of the internal organs when taken responsibly.

CBD oil is gaining in popularity due to its ability to help support people suffering from a range of illnesses. And while the science of CBD is serious, taking it doesn’t have to be. For those who like a little fun in their lives, or who just don’t like swallowing pills, try our Gummies. Keep a bottle wherever’s convenient for you.

MYTH: You Can Get “High” from CBD or Hemp

This might be the biggest misconception about CBD and hemp. Let’s first explore what it is that gets someone “high.” Tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC, is the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects. On average, marijuana contains anywhere from 5-20% THC content. Some premium marijuana can have up to 25-30% THC.1

Hemp, on the other hand, is regulated to only contain a maximum THC level of 0.3%, essentially making it impossible to feel any psychoactive effect or get a “high.” In fact, the high levels of CBD in hemp actually counteract any THC present.

Even better, every HEMPd product takes it one step further and contains 0% THC, even in our maximum-benefit E-Juice Cartridges. You can consume HEMPd with ease of mind.

FACT: CBD Can Replace Opioids

Cannabinoids are showing serious potential in regard to their medical benefits, and one area they’re making lots of headway is in pain management.

Studies show that pain patients use over 60% fewer opioid painkillers when also using a form of medical marijuana. States that have legalized marijuana or CBD oil have also seen their overdose deaths decrease be 25%. Cannabinoids could have the potential to replace these types of drugs as a treatment option and also act as an intervention option for substance-abuse.

One HEMPd product especially popular for treating pain is our Salve. It works magic on muscle aches, joint pain and inflammation.

So now that you know the facts about CBD oil and its many benefits, which HEMPd product are you excited to try?

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